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European Crossword

Blake Hickerson and Jordan Howe

Fill in the crossword puzzle with words that relate to the geography of Europe, for example names of countries, oceans, or mountains. Use the clues to help you.

1 2 3          
  5               6
7 8              
9       10 11            
13           14   15 16            
  18                 19      
    20                         21 22
23 24              
    25               26              
27               28            
          29     30    
32 33                  
        34   35        
      36     37        
  38     39        

2.Surrounded by Germany, Hungary, and Czech Rep.
5.Ljubljana is the capital of this country
7.The sea between Sweden and Poland
11.The Peninsula country north of Germany
13.Athens is the capital of this country
15.The country that is between Portugal and France
17.South of Belarus and west of Russia
18.Budapest is teh capital of this country
20.The large sea on the south of Europe
25.Coastal country bordering Greece
26.Between Poland and Hungary
27.North of Italy, west of France
29.Surrounded on the north and south by Croatia
31.South of Romania, between Austria and Romania
32.Skojpe is the capital here
34.The largest country in Europe
36.An island country west of the United Kingdom
39.A river in the middle of Italy
42.The isolated country in the Atlantic Ocean
43.Warsaw is the capital of this country
44.The river that runs through Paris
45.Paris is in this country
1.The Republic bordered by Germany and Poland
3.The large island country north of France
4.Tallinn is the capital of this country
6.Berlin is the capital of this country
8.The sea east of Greece
9.Coastal country west of Sweden
10.Country to the east of the Gulf of Bothnia
12.The coastal country northwest of Germany
14.The island between Sardina and Italy
16.The country west of Spain
19.Bordered by Bosnia, Slovenia, and Hungary
21.Minsk is the capital of this country
22.Bucharest is the capital of this country
23.Podgorica is the Capital of this country
24.The tiny country north of France
26.The island south of Corsica
28.The large ocean to the west of Europe
30.The sea between the UK, Germany, and Norway
33.The sea between Italy and the European continent
35.The island southwest of Italy
37.The country between Lithuania and Estonia
38.Between Ukraine and Romania
40.The country between Finland and Norway
41.The river that runs through the middle of Europe

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