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Ancient Egypt- The Gift of the Nile

Use your Companion Notes for the entire chapter to do the puzzle(23-25 and 25-29). Have fun!

1 2
3 4           5        
  6 7     8     9      
      10       11 12   13    
14                       15       16    
  17     18                        
20               21              
    22     23                        
  25   26                        
      28 29       30        
31           32                      
  33 34               35   36 37
      38             39  
40   41         42       43    
    44                 45              
  47       48               49          
51     52         53  
      54 55        

4.influenced Egyptian religion
7.attacked Egypt from the Meditteranean
10.another name for Narmer
14.the center of Middle Kingdom pyramids
15.it exists at the end of Nile River
17.a greek historian
19.a word describing the pharoah relationship with his nobles in the Middle Kingdom
20.a factor contributing to the end of the Old Kingdom
22.cannot be changed, permanent
25.symbol of lower Egypt
30.The geographic direction the Nile flows
31.to strike or hit
32.the sun and the nile were both__________
33.Another word for ancient
38.the Egyptians believed the world was_________
40.this place boasts a group of pyramids that were built during the Golden Age
44.allowed Egyptians to develop a unified and unique culture
45.unified Egypt
47.Imhotep was master of this science
50.the Egyptian living god
51.a group of related rulers
55.symbol of upper Egypt
56.means "the black land"
57.they built the temples but not the pyramids
1.writing carved in stone or metal
2.the proces of creating a mummy
3.a repeating pattern
5.before the dynasty
6.The political center of Upper and Lower Egypt
8.an adjective to describe a hot desert
9.Egyptian cemeteries face this direction
11.alot of representative Egyptian architecture was here.
12.to break into pieces
16.synonym for farming
18.the nile begins to stop flooding at this time
20.97% of the population lives near it today
21.another name for the people of a region
23.the gods' land
24.the land of Egypt is reborn at this time
25.a high official who helps the pharoah
26.The area of Egypt invaded first
27.a bunch of something
28.to die
29.The Middle Kingdom period begins with this pharoah
34.a city and the surrounding area
35.to control
36.a stairway to heaven
37.to create something
39.Imhotep was master of this art
41.a pharoah of the Old Kingdom
42.a mud brick structure with a flat top
43.able to be farmed
46.created Egypts first pyramids
48.of the heavens or the universe
51.one of the boundaries of Egyp
52.meaning once a year
53.to fill something physically or metaphorically
54.Middle Kingdom rulers did not___________ their nobles

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