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Ultimate Cars Crossword

Brandon H

You better really know your stuff if your gonna ace this one. It has everything from Acura to VW! Some answers could be specific generations or specific titles.(such as the AE86 Corolla or R34 Skyline GT-R) So do your research and check the years before you answer. HAVE FUN!

1 2 3
4 5         6               7
      8             9    
    10                             11
12                         13    
  15       16           17    
  18 19    
  21 22                    
  23                     24
  28 29        
30     31        

4.Hyundai's brand new RWD phenomenon! Made from 09' to Present
8.Audi's most famous car ever! Made from 80' to 91'
9.Datsun's original ride, the one that kind of started it all(for Datsun)made from 68' to 73'
10.Pontiac's iconic car, the one that made them famous, but, the premium,top dollar car. Made from 67' to 69'
12.What Chevrolet set the fastest laptime ever on Nurburgring race track. Made from 09' to Present
13.Acura's all-aluminum supercar. Made from 90' to 05'
15.Nissan's predecessor for the 300ZX. Made 03' to 08'
16.Ford's most recognizable car and an American classic. Made from 64' to Present
20.Mitsubishi's most recognizable and successful car ever. Made from 92' to Present
22.Renault's amazing mid-engine, rear-wheel drive masterpiece, made from 01' to 05'
23.Lamborghini's most famous and imfamous ride? Made from 74' to 89'
25.Lexus's all-new 4-door sports car. 08' to Present
26.Jaguar's only true "supercar" they ever produced. Made from 91' to 94'
29.Lister's 1993 Supercar with a Jaguar v-12 making 546hp.
30.Mazda's beautiful and amazing rotary powered machine, Japanese-spec, made from 92' to 02'
1.One of Toyota's most famous RWD drifters, made from 83' to 87'. (2 words)
2.Porsches last, great(original) sports car that was air cooled, made from 93' to 98'
3.Mercedes Benz amazing 670hp twin-turbo V12 monster! Made from 08' to Present
5.Bugatti's original supercar. Made from 91' to 95'
6.The most recognizable and sought after Nissan in the world. Made 98' to 02'
7.This Ferrari was the worlds fastest production car from 87' to 92'.
11.Subaru's rally winning superchamp! Made from 92' to Present
14.Toyota's greatest achievement(still to this day) Made from 79' to 02'
17.Opel's 2-door sports coupe that shares platform with the Pontiac Solstice. Made from 06' to Present
18.Honda's most sought after J-Spec ride! Made from 97' to Present
19.Chevrolet's original "sports-car". Made from 53' to Present
20.Suzuki's twin-engined rally monster!
21.Carrol Shelby and Ford's most recent and most powerful accomplishment. Made from 07' to Present
22.Dodge's 2-door behemoth that just had a reissue in 08'. Made from 70' to Present(but there was a lapse)
24.The Dodge that set the 2nd quickest laptime ever of Nurburgring race track. Made from 08' to Present
27.Volkswagen's original badboy, made from 74' to Present.
28.BMW's 2-door masterpiece from it's performance division. Made from 86' to present
31.McLaren made this, "the fastest NA production car" from 92' to 98'.

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