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History of Modern Art IV

Erika Romero

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2.Can be regarded as the ultimate
4.He is widely regarded as the most important French artist of the 20th century.Searched for an "essence" in his subjects through simplification toward shape and color.Said that "instinct must be thwarted" to create better art.Explored primitivism in his works
5.Artist who often lent or leased out his outdoor studies to other artists who could not afford to head to the country to paint
6.Was more influential on later generations of artists than on his own. Was self-trained and incapable of achieving accurate reproduction of images
10.Embraced ideals of classical concepts and is best represented by the works of David
11.Rodin's sculpture that was accepted by the Salon of 1877. Sculpture that was thought to be cast from a live model. Rodin's Sculpture that referenced Michelangelo in its amplified expressiveness.
13.Painted portraits of "low class" members of society
14.Wanted to be accepted by the French Academy. Created great scandal during his life. Never exhibited with the Impressionists. Was heavily influenced by previous Spanish masters
15.His reduction of objects into 2-dimensional flattened.His writings which offered guidelines to new theories of art. His compositional arrangements based more off of
1.Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe was the shared title of similar paintings by which three artists
3.Sought the most dramatic subjects to represent and Embraced the exotic, foreign, and intensely emotional
6.Led by Courbet, was offensive to the aristocratic high society. Was advocated by teh writer, Emile Zola. Strived to achieve the most accurate rendering of life b choosing subject matter relevant to social issues of its time
7.Was particularly concerned with the plight of the urban poor
8.His work experienced an infusion of color and life after he moved from Holland to France
9.Which two artists demonstrated diametrically opposing views of war in their work
12.Motion, captured in frozen time, often exemplified by the photographic snapshot, was a primary concern of which artist

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