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Integumentary System

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1.what the blood vessels do when your body gets too cold
4.region of the dermis where the surface area is increased due to projections called dermal papillae
5.portion of the hair taht projects from the skin surface
6.Cell type that function in the sensation of touch
7.second deepest, thicker layer of the skin
10.glands that secrete earwax
11.the proper name for your cuticle
12.type of gland that produces oil
15.formed because the boundary between the epidermis and dermis are uneven
17.most superficial layer of the skin
18.glands found in the armpit and groin area, become active at puberty
19.region of the dermis where hair follicles, nerves, and glands are found
20.oxygen-carrying pigment in the red blood cells
21.found at the base of the hair follicle where blood vessels are found
25.another name for a sweat gland
26.Fibrous protein that protects and waterproofs the skin
28.skin layer that marks the transition between metabolically active deep strata and the superficial dead strata
31.type of burn you get when you have a sunburn
32.keratinized conical masses that form on the toes
33.found below the dermis, attaches the skin to underlying organs and tissues
35.muscle that gives you goose bumps
37.the white cresent shaped area at the base of the nail
2.if you get this kind of burn your skin will turn black, red, or white and you may need a skin graft
3.type of gland that secretes sweat onto the skin for cooling
5.later of the skin that have spine like projections to hold the cells tightly together
8.disease where people have melanocytes but can not produce melanin
9.decline in this will cause gray hair
13.layer that is only present in thick skin
14.yellow-orange pigment
16.deepest layer of the skin
22.what your blood vessels do when your body gets too hot
23.Cell type that absorbs UV radiation from sunlight to prevent mutations
24.burn that forms blisters and damages the epidermis and dermis
27.portion of the hair that is deep to the shaft and penetrates the dermis
29.part of the nail taht extends past the edge of your finger
30.pigment that affects how dark skin will be
31.this is caused when melanin accumulates in patches
34.the skin underneath your nail is called the nail _____
36.percent of people in the world that have natural red hair

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